“we are made of light”; 48″ x 48″; acrylic and oil pigment, salt, glass, resin and coffee on canvas

Creating work is a simple albeit potent meditation. A quiet space that I often visit. Each piece is created without any planning; it simply drives itself into the state of completion. I focus intently upon color and allow the hue to create an airy, enveloping atmosphere. Layers of acrylic pours skate along the surface leaving delicate traces of pigment and pattern. Each layer is built atop another, until colors blend and form a saturated, shifting plane. I often embed a pirouetting gesture throughout the piece, along with a myriad of materials to offer texture and depth. Plaster, glass, ash, soil, resin, petal, seed and paper construct the density of each piece. These layers can be added or subtracted to reveal or conceal. When a piece is complete, it is a complex hue devoid of form.