Artist Statement

Light drives my abstract impressionist paintings into their final form of expression and because of this, my work shifts in response to the seasonal rhythms in the natural environment. I am inspired by diurnal and nocturnal skies; the vaporous expanse overhead often takes hold of my compositions. I enjoy playing with the tangle of light and shadow — the way a lush canopy blots out a luminous sky, or the way light plays with the surface of a snowfield. These are merely points of inspiration as my work immediately dissolves all representational roots, floating in the ether of color and dense atmosphere.

Each painting is built by layers of additive and subtractive processes. I use light-reactive glazes and materials to further interact with the surrounding light, allowing my work to change throughout the day. Crushed stone and glass are suspended in the final layers, giving the surface a crystalline finish.

I want my work to be experienced in the way that it shows up for each person — unique, personal and sometimes, intangible. These are meant to be meditations on color and space. Each person’s experience is purely individual; a composite of experiences and memories that are revealed when looking at that perfect shade of blue. I hope that my paintings bring a sense of the serene, an offering of silence, a revelation of something that perhaps someone has not thought about in a very long time.

Do you see a piece that you’re interested in learning more about?

I would love to share details such as pricing, availability and answer any questions that you may have. Since my work is mixed media, the photographs don’t often capture the complex textures that make up the surface of all of my works. Pieces are built by layering countless washes of rich pigment; the end result is a very complex and shifting hue. Light-reactive finishes create a piece that interacts with the lighting in its surrounding environment — making the work alight with a luminous fire.

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