I’ve been busy working on paintings for my summer show, Bloom. I’ve had this vision… this idea of color and line for a few months now. I’ve felt it — it comes into my dreams — it visits me in both sleeping and wakeful moments. After creating two shows surrounding the nocturne, it’s exciting to be engaged in something nearly opposite of those dark pieces. Bloom is created around that vibrant energy that everything swims in at the onset of spring. When light drenches everything… and the once monotone landscape starts to blush. To brighten. As if, someone is turning up the saturation, one day. Little green tendrils push upwards through the cold earth, trusting and knowing that brightness and warmth lie just ahead. It is in this seeking of the light that this show is built. These pieces are bright, luminous, light and dripping in delicious hue. I also have been clinging to this notion of light, as of late, as a sort of personal mantra. With such instability felt on a global scale, I have been wanting to paint that which I wish to be surrounded with; lightness, brightness, warmth and connectedness. These pieces serve as a resolute reminder which I seek on a daily basis.