Thank you for checking out my site. I will be adding content to my blog on a fairly regular basis and would love to share it with you. Expect a little background. A story.

There’s this dynamic; that is, a push and pull of things around me that often drives my work. Natural disasters such as great, consuming floods or forest fires. The night sky and its scale — the way that inky void perpetually yawns overhead. An all encompassing loss.  I’ve realized that it is in these moments when I feel tiny and insignificant that conjure up such interest and intrigue to me. Feeling drives my work. Palpable feeling; an emotive thump felt deep within one’s rib cage.  It gives me a place to go; a place where there are no words, explanations, categories into which to place things. A space to roll around experiences, examine them, study their softly blurred edges and, perhaps, even process them.